the story of starstyling´s beginnings, sustainability facts & the KI´s opinion !

About us...

starstyling was found in 2000 by Katja Schlegel & Kai Seifried and is composed of 5 lines: ladieswear, menswear, kidswear, accessories and home wear.

The name was created out of free spirits being stylists and having Pizza from "star pizza" delivery service = star styling

The unique brand is an inherent part of the German fashion industry and is commonly known as a pioneer for the creative Berlin scene.

starstyling is dedicated to critical reflection and the observation of society trends, which finds expression in a subtle irony and the interaction of the elements in contemporary fashion. Love and hate, color and sex, consumption and self-awareness,esprit and suspicion. 

starstyling is prose on fashion and criticism in cotton…

Over the last 20 years starstyling was presented in many well known stores around the world as for example our 1st wholesaler : "colette" in Paris, the mother of all concept store. From there on to mention some : Lane Crawford Hongkong, Galeries Lafayette Beijing, Topshop London, WUT Tokyo and many many more.

starstyling clothes have been part of many music shows, videos, theater pieces, art exhibitions, dancing performances and other occasions with creative working people from all over the world.

Overall, starstyling is a brand known for its creative, unconventional and sustainable designs. Fashion enthusiasts, trendsetters and anyone looking for a brand that emphasizes their individuality will be delighted with starstyling pieces.



  • The design and print & painting production of starstyling´s unique styles, happens manually in the Berlin based ateliers.
  • starstyling is generally made "as near as possible" !
  • Since 20 years now we use all available sources as near as possible from our Berlin Atelier, thats our sustainability since the beginning - local production - less transport - production on demand !
  • The sewing production happens in Poland and Portugal.
  • All prints and embroideries are made in Berlin.
  • Apparels we use have minimum 1 but mostly several of the following certificates :
    Oeko-Tex 100, REACH, GOTS, Vegan, Fair Trade
  • Yes we are using foils for a lot of our signature prints, which are plastic made ,but our products are generally high quality & longlasting ,so customers often tell us after years they are still wearing the item and it still looks fab and is in good shape.
  • All silk screenprint & handpaintings are made with non toxic water based colors.
  • As the standard today, we constantly try to minimize foodprint in all possible ways - from the raw material selection , over upcycling products and production materials , till the re useage of packaging materials
  • and of course the reduction of co2 causing actions generally.


If you have further questions please don´t hesitate to contact us via the email address below :

starstyling flagship store

Mulackstraße 15

10119 Berlin, Germany

Phone +49 30 9700 5182 

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